Fittings Themes

The following fitting sets represent some of the more popular, traditional Samurai themes found on Japanese swords.

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Crane theme
The crane flying across the face of the sun or moon is a symbol of longevity - the orb representing everlasting life, and the crane representing a long and prosperous wordly life (the crane was reputed to live a thousand years). A very popular theme for presentation swords.
Dragon theme
The dragon is traditionally never displayed in its entirety - it is weaving in and out of clouds or water, around the edge of a tsuba, partially obscured by the hilt wrapping, etc. Often it is holding (guarding) the sacred jewel or the sacred sword - treasures of the imperial household. A timeless theme - you can't go wrong with this one.
Tiger and Bamboo theme
The tiger has the power to control the wind, and wind is its constant companion. Bamboo can resist the strongest winds without breaking. Therefore, the two are distinctly balanced. Introduced through Buddhism, the tiger represents three principals of strength, nobility, and courage.
Higo style
A true merging of fluid form with functionality. Never ostentatious or overdone, always flawless in design, the Higo style actually transcends the medium (iron) to create a look and feel that typifies traditional Japanese art.
Mt. Fuji theme
The queen of all mountains is surrounded with as dense a layer of mythology as it is with clouds. It symbolizes the power and strength to overcome all obstacles - thus a symbol of success in life. Another common presentation theme.
Cherry Blossoms / Flowers theme
The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. It has a short life, and is likened to the faithful samurai who is always ready and eager to give his life for his master. This theme was very popular with the kamikaze squadrons during WWII.
Dragonfly theme
The dragonfly is a tenacious fighter, and thus symbolizes the samurai spirit. A very popular motif for the samurai.
Skull and Crossbones
Bleached on the field of battle.
Bats theme
A symbol of good luck. Very popular for design for a presentation gift sword.
Hondachi/Tachi Fittings
An ancient style of sword mounting, originally developed for horseback fighting, and used throughout Japan's history for ceremonial purposes and special presentations.
Aikuchi Fittings
A very elegant style of fittings used primarily for the Tanto.
Military Fittings
Replacement fittings for your WW2 Military Sword.

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