Aikuchi Mounted Tanto

Aikuchi is the name of a Tanto made with a matching Fuchi and Koiguchi that fit together without a Tsuba.

It has matching Kashira and Kojiri and on special occasion, Tsunakuchi and Kurikata.

Made without a Tsuba, the Aikuchi was able to be worn close to the body.


  Four piece FLORAL design set, 24K Gold plated parts.  A horn Kurikata and Tsunakuchi

are included at no additional cost for all Tanto sized blades.  ( # 1.)

Four piece (black steel) Dragonfly set brown Cashew lacquered Saya  ( # 2.)

Four piece steel Dragonfly set with horn Kurikata & Tsunakuchi. ( # 3.)

Tanto mounted with 6 piece WATER BUFFALO HORN set.  ( # 4.)

Above Aikuchi fitted with solid Silver 6 piece set.   #5.


  The part above (shaped like a badge) covering the Kashira-ana is the

answer in situations where an un-wrapped Tsuka was preferred.  ( #6. )


The above FLORAL SET (24K Gold plate) is displayed in Aikuchi # 1 above.


  The four piece Dragonfly set is displayed above in # 2, 3 & 6.

Two differently sized six piece Water Buffalo Horn sets. The set on top (for a small Tanto) has a 'keyed alignment' fit for the Fuchi & Koiguchi to line up.


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