Tiger & Bamboo Theme


The tiger has the power to control the wind, and wind is its constant companion.   Bamboo can resist the strongest winds without breaking.   Therefore, the two are distinctly balanced.  Introduced through Buddhism, the tiger represents the three principals of strength, nobility, and courage.

Note: Most Tiger / Bamboo Fuchi Kashira are available in black Steel (as shown) or darkened Silver. 

Left to right, the below Fuchi Kashira sets are listed as numbers 16, 15 &  22


Note:  Most Menuki are available in 24K Gold plate (A layer of Gold over the Sterling Silver base) or 'antique' Silver or 'Multi-plate' (more than 2 colors) as displayed below.  Left to right (1st row) are #'s 009 A   and 009 B


                            107                                          106                                                             105

                     65                                               66                                                          64


Tiger fuchi/kashiraTiger fuchi/kashira


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