Military Swords

We offer both 'original' quality Menuki, Sarute and other parts salvaged from old WW2 swords as well as modern reproduction parts.

Many WW2 sword blades are in poor condition and in need of polishing, replacement of lost parts and repair of old handles. Professional restoration of a genuine WW2 Japanese Sword is a smart idea as they have increased in value faster than many other antiques and are projected to continue to do so.

Menuki, Sarute, Koiguchi and Kojiri are frequently asked for parts and most of our parts will fit your sword handle and Saya with little effort. Replacement of a Kashira (Kobuto-gane) can be a problem (but not impossible) because not all handles are identical. Adding one generally requires making minor adjustment to the wooden portion of the handle.

Unlike a wood handle or Saya which can be adjusted to fit replacement Ishizuki, Semegane or Haikan, fitting them to a metal Saya can be a bigger problem because metal Saya were produced in a number of factories and it appears that each had different standards.

We do have both the Military brown and gold silk wrapping cord (Tsuka-ito) for WW2 swords and Stingray skins to help with restoration.

Replacement wood liners are available to replace the dirty original liners found in old Army metal Saya as it is important that freshly polished sword blades are not put back into the original dirty and contaminated Saya.

 Our workers are the most highly skilled in the Country and have been 'Japanese trained' and know what they are doing.  

NOTE:  Do not be fooled by lower price claims by others, offering equal quality for less money.  We encourage you to closely inspect parts and handle wrapping work being offered by others and you will easily understand how the 'others' promote lower prices.

WARNING:  Be careful of modern made Chinese copies of Japanese WW2 military swords which have been flooding the market recently as these swords have no true 'collector' value and individuals who initially purchased one thinking they got a 'good deal' are now doing their best to unload it.

 If you want to see what your WW2 sword originally looked like, visit  this site.

Army (polished bronze) Menuki
WW2 NAVY (black) Menuki
Large-size Army Seppa  

  The above parts are newly made using quality originals as models.    

Solid bronze. Parts are available individually.            


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