Hondachi - Tachi Style

SEVEN fantastic Hon-dachi sets.  

Some of them are available in antique Silver, others in Bronze and some in blackened Steel.

Set # 1:(above) Darkened Silver, sized for Katana or Wakizashi

The Fuchi is 38mm, Koiguchi is 40mm.  Quality parts.

Set # 2:  Available In darkened Silver, antique Silver (as displayed).  This set will fit either

Katana or Wakizashi. Same dimensions as set # 1.



Set # 3... Aikuchi  (no Tsuba required) 4 piece set, Gold plated Bronze or antique Silver.  This very

high quality Aikuchi set has been added to this page to give it the additional exposure it deserves.



Set # 4 Black colored Steel only ..sized for very slender blade


Set # 5 - Kurikata band  (above)

Because no other supplier produces sets like these, there are no legitimate 'comparables'.  However I did see a set advertised on a site for $7,000 by some clueless idiot.  Above set available in semi-polished Bronze or blackened Bronze. 

The above set is extra large as it originally housed a 37 inch blade. Inside measurements (from the Ha to the Mune) from the left (Kojiri) to the right (Kashira) are as follows:  39mm, 40m, 41mm, 45mm for the Kurikata band (not shown), Koiguchi is 47mm, 44mm, and the Kashira is 36mm. Similar sized sets are available on line at higher prices often as much as $5,000



Set # 6 Wakizashi size, antique Silver Bronze or 24K Gold plate.



Set # 7    


The above set is available in Black Steel or antique Silver. To complete the 5 piece SET are matching Menuki, Ashi (hangers) and a Steel Tsuba.  

  Inside measurements are as follows:  Fuchi: 34 x 17mm / 1.35 x .67" -   Kashira: 33-34mm x 16.5mm / 1.32 x .66 ",  (Kojiri has identical measurements as the Kashira)    Koiguchi:  38 x 21mm / 1.45 x 72" and (two sizes)  36 x 18mm   Shibabiki:  37 x 19mm / 1.45 x .77"  Ashi:  35 x 22mm / 1.55 x .85".    We recently became aware of a similar appearing (modern made) sets being offered on the web as (his description) for $7,000 and are not even good quality copies.


Hondachi Prices

Call for details:    503-282-4567


-or- write to:

FRED LOHMAN - 3405 N.E. Broadway -

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