Tsuka-ito (Handle-wrapping Cord)

To those who are unfamiliar with Japanese terms or how to pronounce them, (used on this page and others), you have my sympathy. I prefer using the word 'handle' over Tsuka ...but Tsuka is the term used by collectors and practitioners of the 'slice and dice' philosophy. 

Tsuka-ito (also called Ito) is the Japanese name for handle cord. I guess it all makes sense, right ?

(Man-made Suede)

Our synthetic suede handle wrapping cord (Tsuka-ito), referred to as Tsunami was developed in Japan for the use of Martial Arts practitioners. Because of its durability, great looks and high customer satisfaction, having your handle wrapped in genuine Tsunami now costs the same as Silk and Leather.

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Our exclusive Genuine Leather cord (Tsuka-ito) is now fully available. Our leather cord is judged to be the finest because it is NON-STRETCH and as a result, it can be tied tightly with the assurance that it will not stretch like a rubber band and loosen as other types of leather will.

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We offer 10mm wide Pure Silk Ito from Japan. Like all Japanese produced Katana width silk Silk Ito, it measures 10mm wide when 'relaxed' and 8mm when pulled tight.

There are a limited number of colors are available in other widths - and not all are available, all of the time .

01. Mid (Military) Brown
02. Cream
03. Black
04. Orange
05. Violet (or Purple)
06. Chocolate Brown
07. White
08. Teal Green
09. Silver Blue
10. Green
11. Silver Green
12. Gold
13. Blood Red
14. Scarlet or Burgundy Red
15. Teal Blue
16. Navy Blue
colors shown may vary slightly because of different monitor settings.

Our Handle Wrapping Service Page Illustrates many styles of Ito and Wrapping Techniques

Tsuka-ito Samples are also available - A sample pack consists of short strips of all materials in all available colors.
Q: How much Cord will I need to wrap my Handle to wrap my handle?

A: Use this this simple formula: Measure the length of your handle in inches and convert the 'inches' to 'feet' and add 4 more feet of cord. In other words, an 8 inch handle will need 12 feet of cord and a 9 inch handle will need 13 feet, etc. 


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