Ordering Information

( Easy as 'one - two - three' )

ONE, E-mail or telephone us first to verify availability of the item or items you want, 

TWO,  print out a simple order, (like a grocery list) and 

THREE, send the order plus payment (a personal check or Money Order) to:

Fred Lohman

 3405 N.E. Broadway

 Portland, OR  97232  USA

Orders are generally filled & mailed within 2 to 3 days.



More important stuff....We are the only Company to offer a full line of high quality Japanese sword parts (MADE IN THE USA).  We also offer a repair-restoration service which includes professional blade polishing, handle wrapping and Saya (scabbard) making. 

Our shop is not open to the public. It is our 'closed door' policy that allows us the time to make all of the great parts and provide the restoration service. 

IF it is your plan is to do your own work, don't wait until the last minute. Please order your needs well in advance.. Plan ahead !  

IMPORTANT:  If you send a message and we do not respond quickly, please re-submit it, 2 or 3 times until we do reply.  As crazy as it sounds, we occasionally receive inquiries and when we 'reply', we are informed that the 'senders' e-mail return address is no good... and the only conclusion is that some 'senders' are careless when filling out their return address.   We were able to solve a few..... one where the sender accidentally typed '.con' instead of '.com' and yes another typed 'comm'.  It's hard to believe but I'm sure that there are more than a few (potential) customers out there who are asking themselves, "Why didn't Fred & Company respond to my inquiry"??  Virus and Malware attacks plus computer crashes have also been responsible for E-mail losses.

ALSO IMPORTANT: When you inquire about parts 'availability', please identify them using both their 'part number' and a 'brief description'.  Again, please do not send an order without first confirming that we have what you want.  After verification, type or print your order in the form of a simple 'grocery list'. 
It will help us avoid sending the wrong items. Please include with your payment, all of your clearly written 'contact'  information.



  PAYPAL IS AVAILABLE ONLY to International customers.

  A 4% fee must be added for all Paypal transactions.

We also accept  Bank Checks, International Money Orders, Western Union or Moneygram.

Credit cards (plastic) and 'wire transfers' (I hate credit cards & banks) are not acceptable.


'DOMESTIC CUSTOMERS'  Personal Checks, Money Orders, Western Union, Cash and Company Checks are O.K.   

Paypal, Credit cards or bank wire transfers are not available to domestic (USA) customers. 


WHAT WE DO:  When you visit our website, you will say to yourself, "WOW, these guys certainly have a large site (true)... and a whole lot of sword parts and materials that are not available anywhere else (true)..... and at prices that are more than reasonable... (true) and they are still able to maintain a high level of quality, that is amazing !" (also true)...   You will again ask yourself,  "How can they do this and why are their prices so reasonable'? 

The answer is simple;  Instead of buying products from someone else who buy's from someone else, and then mark them up again to sell them to you, we solved the problem by making most of the parts and materials ourselves.  About 99% of all of the products available on the web-site are made by me,, not purchased from another source.

Fortunately for you, we are not victims of the bad economy 'doing what we must do until we can find a real job'.  We are professionals and take our business seriously because we must stand behind our work with guarantees not available elsewhere.  We also understand that most customers are not willing to accept 2nd rate quality even though it may save them some money.

We apply advanced technical skills that enable us to produce as many as 500 pair of Menuki at one time and these skills along with our hi-tech equipment saves you money and provides you with quality parts at reasonable prices, again, not available anywhere else.  As an example, when we apply Gold plating to some of our parts, it is REAL genuine 24K GOLD, applied electronically and not Gold PAINT as often offered by others.

Below is a photo of a recent days casting. The first 4 'trees' on the right are of Menuki, next is a 'tree' of Kogei, then three 'trees' of Shitodome, more Menuki and at the far left, Fuchi Kashira.  All in a days work when you know what your doing. Most flasks are 12 inches tall x 5 inches in diameter but we also use flasks that are 6 inches in diameter that easily allow larger parts. The 3 flasks to the left of the Kogei hold over 700 pair of Shitodome. 

I Understand that newly made Menuki and Fuchi Kashira sets are available elsewhere at prices of $500 or more, prices that approach and often exceed the cost of genuine Japanese antique parts.  Their price/quality is questionable compared to what we offer. When things are made by hand, one at a time, you will pay more.  Our continued success is guaranteed by satisfied repeat customers who recognize and appreciate a higher level of workmanship, a wider selection of genuine Japanese designs and a good value for hard earned money.

You have our assurance that every part is inspected to insure that high standards are maintained before any part leaves our shop. IF a flawed part is discovered, let us know immediately and it will be replaced.  We guarantee that each and every one of our sword parts will provide a lifetime of functional usefulness or it will be replaced, FREE... at no charge..


SHIPPING: Because of ever increasing postal charges and insurance, small sized domestic orders that will fit into a  'document mailer or a CD sized box (Priority Mail) will still cost only $6.  Where risk is involved (apartment buildings, etc) it is best for you to add another $2 for Insurance against pilfering.

Canadian and other 'INTERNATIONAL' shipments of smaller sized items such as a Tsuka, Tsukaito or Tsuba and other physically small parts will cost a minimum of $20 to $25 for Global Mail postage, providing your order will fit into one of the Postal 'document' mailers.  New rates recently imposed are up to $25 for most International Priority Mail to some countries. (Express is close to $40)

SENDING SWORDS  When sending your sword for repairs, please include a detailed list of what repairs you want to have made to the sword and always include all of your 'contact' information and secure it to the sword handle (rubber band, tape, etc) before wrapping with the 'bubble' plastic packaging material.  IF you do not have a suitable carton, go to the UPS store and buy one of the 6 x 6 inch x 50 inch long cardboard cartons... they will fit an average sized sword just fine and is is best to fully stuff the carton to keep the sword from movement.  Please avoid using the 4 x 4 inch cartons as they are too flimsy and do not stand up well.

Never send a bare naked bare blade without asking for and reading our shipping instructions.  If your sword does not have a Saya (scabbard) with handle securely attached, let us know and we will e-mail safe packaging instructions that will insure your swords safe arrival.  When mailing your sword, always include 'Insurance' to your shipment as it provides guaranteed delivery.  And, do your very best to send your sword or handle to us via the Postal 'Priority Mail' Service.

We try to mail orders on a daily basis and find that personal checks serve to delay shipment of orders until we receive bank clearance.


PLEASE!  (Repeated again for those who missed it the earlier. . )

No phone calls before 8:00 or after 6:00 P.M. (West Coast Time)  

IF you call and we do not answer, Follow up with an e-mail to:    ( Because of virus's, malware & SPAM's, please remove one of the @'s  )

Please, no 'voicemail' messages... and no, we do not 'tweet tweet or twitter' but plan to do so just as soon as we start growing feathers.

ONE LAST NOTE !   As much as we all enjoy complaining about the Postal Service (Priority mail -or- EMS), I feel that they provide the best service at the most reasonable cost.

E-mail   = 

 ( remove one of the above @'s  ( spam control )

or  Call for details (503) 282-4567

-or- write to:    FRED LOHMAN

3405 N.E. Broadway - Portland, OR  97232 - 1818

Search Tips: Some Japanese terms may have more than one common spelling.