Saya Restoration Parts

(Sword Terminology used for Saya parts)

Water Buffalo Horn parts are traditional and cost considerably less than metal parts which accounts for their long-time popularity. Only the most expensive swords were decorated with metal parts such as those displayed below.  The below parts are 'options' and are not part of our Restoration Package Deals.  They can easily be added to any newly constructed Saya as per your request. 


Pictured below are Kojiri which have traditionally protected the tip of a Saya and more importantly, the tip of the Blade.  In keeping with tradition, Kojiri are produced in black-colored Steel. 

Our Kojiri are replicas of genuine Japanese Kojiri and as such are made with the original 'oval' shape (knowing where the cutting edge is) as found on genuine antique Samurai swords.

Kojiri are best fitted during New Saya construction. All measurements are approximate outside dimensions. In addition to providing protection for the blade, metal Kojiri also add a touch of class normally found in Museum-Quality Koshirae.

K-02 (above)  is sized for Katana & Wakizashi...     K-03 is sized only for Tanto or small Wakizashi

Kojiri Prices


Metal Kurikata are always a class upgrade for a Saya. While a limited number of the below styles are available in polished black steel, most come in antiqued silver and are available with & without Shitodome.


  We have produced a few Kurikata with Shitodome together as one piece which saves you the cost of Shitodome when they are purchased separately.

Kurikata Prices

Koiguchi & Metal Bands for Saya

The above bands can be used to re-enforce split or otherwise damaged Saya. They are made of relatively thin Copper, Silver, Steel and or Bronze.   All measurements are 'outside' and their dimensions are 'as is' 'non adjustable'.    Horn Koiguchi  are also available.                 

 Koiguchi Prices

The Badge

We do not know the name for this item referred to as 'The Badge'.) This part (another exclusive) is found on 'formal' unwrapped Tsuka. High grade Samegawa with large nodes was most often used when available. The purpose of the Badge was to cover the hole (Shitodome'-ana) in the Kashira where Tsukaito would have normally passed through.

Available in polished Silver, blackened Silver or 24K Gold plated Silver.


Kozuka Hitsu

Again, we offer a metal Saya part that has not been available from any other source. This part straddles the front end of the Kozuka slot. The 'Bamboo' or the 'Crashing Wave' design are available in antiqued Silver (as above), black colored Silver or 24K Gold-plated Silver. Water Buffalo Horn Hitsu are available and like the metal parts, must also be hand fitted to the Saya.

 Kozuka Hitsu Prices

NOTE: It is almost impossible to retrofit modern made metal parts to older (original) Saya because old Saya shapes are different. Most metal parts can only be installed at the time of new Saya construction, when the wood can be manipulated to fit the metal parts.  More Information is available in the Price List.

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