Tsunami Wrap

Professional handle wrapping Prices

"Open stock"' cord to wrap your own handle

Our (synthetic suede) handle wrapping cord (Tsuka-ito), referred to as 'Tsunami' was developed in Japan for the use of Martial Arts practitioners. Because of its durability, great looks and high customer satisfaction, having your handle wrapped in genuine Tsunami now costs the same as Silk and Leather.

Its advantages are that it does not abuse your hands as Silk does and it  provides a superior non-slip grip.

 Tsunami cord is an exclusive product from the Fred Lohman Company.

Tsunami is available only in standard Katana width and in the following colors:

Coal Black, Coral, Brown, Cranberry Red, Ivy Green and Navy Blue


Most users of Tsunami will tell you that at first, it looks & feels like real suede leather but unlike leather, Tsunami does not get as gummy or slick as suede leather does and if it becomes soiled from heavy use, it is easy to clean.Tsunami is a 'man made' material with all of the good attributes and none of the bad. It provides the user a comfortable grip and the satisfaction that the sword will not slip out of a users hands. 

  Cranberry Red with a slight 'waisted' shape.

Shortly after we introducedTsunami, I was contacted by a gentleman named GREG who said he heard great things about theTsunami but wanted to know more about it from someone who had more experience with it.  Because one of our earlier customers:( 'Russ McCartney'. formerly of Seattle), who had only recently set a GUINNESS WORLDS RECORD cutting Mats (Gozo) using his sword (one that we had recently wrapped with Tsunami), I encouraged Greg to contact Russ directly.  The following is a copy of Greg's inquiry and Russ's reply.

GREG  inquired: "Mr. McCartney, Fred Lohman suggested that it would be O.K. if I contacted you for information in regard to the TSUNAMI cord your working swords are wrapped with. I have a high-end Iaito which is my primary practice sword but the silk Tsuka ito is wearing out right where it sits in the crotch of my thumb. Obviously I want my handles rewrapped so it will last many years, and will not fall apart.   Has your experience with Fred's work been 100% satisfactory, and is the Tsunami good to practice with?     Thanks in advance, Greg.

Domo Desu, Russell McCartney Founder and Chief Instructor, Shin Koryu, IshiYama Battojutsu and Peak Performance Sword Systems
PH: 206.321.8878  Email:             

A testimonial that tells it like it is !  Thanks Russ !

Another recent unsolicited letter received  2/27/12    "Hi Fred,  Yes the tsunami wrap only seems to get better with time. The perspiration from the hands and micro amounts of skin that wear off during heavy use or prolonged swing sessions don't seem to bother it. I really like it because the more use it gets the more it seems to resemble 'old style' silk ito with the traditional pitch application under the wrap. But note: I can only assume it will get like this over very long periods of intense use. I have never needed to wash or clean it either. Thus far I only have about 20 thousand swings on this wrap (see picture). In picture #2 you'll see the hand holds are compacted nicely and the space between my grip holds still have nearly the original nap of the cord. This wrap has been in regular use on this Shin Shinto sword since I received it from you over eight years ago."

I love the Tsunami wrap and recommend it to everyone. As a prolific stylist and cutter in the Ishi Yama Tradition my 5th Dan Black Belt Steve Baxter just received his new sword with this tsunami wrap from you and seems to love it as much as I do. I'm sure Steve would also be happy to provide updates on his experiences with it too. He can be reached through an additional new web site for IYR Battojutsu,

Russell McCartney

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