Tsubatake (Tsuba Stand)

Special  Only ONE left... (it is now 1:30 P.M., Oct 13) & when it is sold, there will be no more.

One of the most popular additions to our site is entirely hand made using super skills and quality hardwoods. This Tsuba Stand style is a copy of a Japanese 'original' and is always first choice for the displaying of favored Tsuba.

Displayed are two Tsuba Stands showing off one of our 3 inch (dia) Tsuba's (Fred's # 160) and, to its right, another 2nd one with a genuine antique 64 petal (4 inch) Kiku Tsuba resting on it.

Regularly priced at $65, this last one will go for $85 plus shipping.  (limited to this last one.)  Not a 'sales pitch'...        First come, first serve folks !

Call for details:    503-282-4567


-or- write to:

FRED LOHMAN - 3405 N.E. Broadway -

Portland, OR  97232-1818   U.S.A.