Seppa are 'spacers' that fit on each side of the Tsuba, and their function is to permit minor adjustments and overall tightness to the Tsuka and all other parts.

Seppa-scallop.jpgSeppa-key.jpg Seppa-rope.jpg 

SP-1 = 'Scallop' -or- 'Round-file'  -or  SP-2 = 'Key'   -or- SP-3 = 'Rope'.


For a very limited time, we will be introducing our KIKU Seppa and have them available in solid Silver, either 'bright' or 'antiqued'.  While we do not know their exact cost, they will be priced slightly higher than most other Seppa based on the Silver content. In the near future, they will be become available in blackened Bronze. All other Seppa styles will continue to be available in blackened or 'antiqued' bronze.


Fred (the 'hands-on' guy) has been making Seppa for the past 20 years and while most are 'first generation' copies of a museum quality Seppa, some are custom made to fit certain applications.   Second generation (poor) 'copies' made by others display easily recognizable bumpy surfaces that easily create a dangerously loose fitting handle.   Pssst.. (be aware of poorly made copies)

Our Seppa are made of solid Bronze and are available with a Black patina or with a lightly brushed & polished rim that reveals  a 'gold' color.  If you have silver parts on your sword, black Seppa will work best,  and if you have parts with a gold color, either black or Seppa with a polished rim will look the best.

Each of our Seppa have been  precision ground flat on both sides (by hand) to insure a tight fit of all other parts.   

When ordering or inquiring about Seppa, please refer to them by 'style' and 'name' . . . (as in:  'Round-file # 1' and 'Key # 2'  and 'Rope # 3'.     

 Seppa Prices

Call for details:    503-282-4567


-or- write to:

FRED LOHMAN - 3405 N.E. Broadway -

Portland, OR  97232-1818   U.S.A.