Sword Polishing Materials & Supplies


Sword polishing kit no longer available.



The 'TOKEN YURAN' (no longer available) is the most important Japanese sword evaluation book printed in the last 10 years.  Hot off the press in the spring of 2003, It contains a listing of all sword values and a whole lot more other very useful information.  Printed in Japanese and priced at only $50, it is a MUST for buyers and sellers of Japanese swords and those interested in confirming the current value of their swords.  Included with the book at no additional cost is an up to date (English) index.

THE CRAFT OF THE JAPANESE SWORD: (no longer available) (ISBN # 0-87011-798-x). Mr. Leon Kapp and Yoshindo Yoshihira are co-authors of the most informative self help book that deals with Japanese sword restoration projects. Although we do not sell  this book, it can easily be purchased from or many of the other book suppliers.  This book contains a wealth of information dealing with the making of swords, the polishing process, Habaki making and Saya carving. Highly recommended reading!

SWORD POLISHING STONES: (No longer available) Because of the high prices and low quality stones, we are no longer involved as a supplier of polishing stones.

We will continue to offer on a limited basis (until our inventory is exhausted) most all other sword polishing  and sword maintenance materials. (Oil, Nugui, Kanahada, maintenance kits, etc)

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