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Level 2 polish - Same Blade, Before & After
(The above blade belongs to Fred and is one of only a few originals that actually has characters engraved on its side.)

Our customers tell us that whenever the issue of 'pricing' is discussed at Sword Shows or Sword Forums, they hear that old one-liner: "You get what you pay for" - and it is generally from those who offer the same service as they attempt to justify the high cost of their time and efforts...etc, etc.

Our sword polishers have been providing their services for some time and at our reasonable prices because we provide them with steady work (hard to find in today's economy ) and because of the mutually beneficial arrangement we have, we are able to offer our Level Two Polish at a most reasonable price.

The Level Two Polish completely removes fingerprints, tiny chips, scratches, rust and helps to crisp up the lines, plus it does a great job bringing out the Hamon.

While our Level Two service does not provide a museum-quality polish, it is the 'level' of polish recommended by owners of working swords and for the average WW2-era blade.

Some polishers (not ours) will encourage prospective customers to pay for a Level One Polish (why not, they make more money) but experience shows that a Level One polished sword used for practice training soon becomes scuffed, regardless of how careful the user may be. Testing at sword shows has proven that when sword users examined Level One & Level Two Polishes together, all voiced the same opinion - that they saw no reason to throw money away for what little difference there was between the two levels.

Note: Old Saya are generally contaminated with tiny specks of rust and dirt which will scratch and cause rusting of a freshly polished blade and it is recommended to not put a freshly polished blade back into its original scabbard (Saya). To solve this problem, newly polished blades should be stored in a custom made Honoki wood Shirasaya (resting case) or, having it mounted up like a Samurai Sword in a new lacquered Saya.

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