Sword Blade Maintenance Items

A while ago, we were given a choice of either increasing prices, removal of or reducing the size of some of the items normally found in a 'KIT'.

In the end, we decided to continue to provide the large 100cc bottle of OIL, the large Uchiko 'Pom-Pom', the two sheet pack of Nugui paper plus the Hammer.

The items will be packaged in a functional cardboard box, replacing the easily damaged Kiri wood box.

Japanese Uchiko powder is produced during the polishing process, which wears out the soft Uchiko stones.
Uchiko stones are mined only in Japan - not in Korea, the South pole, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Pakistan, England, Iceland, or China (repeat: only in JAPAN)... and therefore, don't settle for talcum powder often sold as the 'real thing'.

Uchigumori Powder and Japanese Choji Oil are your sword's two best friends. Traditional and genuine Choji Oil is guaranteed not to stain your blade as some hi-tech gun oils will.

If used properly, the items in the kit will insure your swords preservation.

Many suppliers on the web offer sword 'maintenance kits' and each claim they have the best buy... ( blah, blah  blah....) 
but close inspection will reveal that they can't quite match the quality of what we offer.

Maintenance Instructions


Call for details:    503-282-4567


-or- write to:

FRED LOHMAN - 3405 N.E. Broadway -

Portland, OR  97232-1818   U.S.A.