Links of Interest

Shogun Art Gallery

* Japanese Fine Art and Samurai Armor

Japanese Martial Arts Society

* The Japanese Martial Arts Society (Japanese name: Nihon Bugei Shinjinkai) is an international association of students united by a common purpose: bettering themselves through disciplined training in the classical martial arts of Japan.

The Japanese Swords of Hizen Tadayoshi (Roger J Robertshaw)

* Dedicated to the Hizen Tadayoshi school of swordsmithing.

University of Guelph (Kim Taylor)

* This is the Japanaese sword smithing workshop that everyone is talking about. Class Registration and Schedule details.

Japanese Sword Books in English - AFU Research (Harry Afu Watson)

* The leading translator of Japanese sword books into English.

The Japanese Sword Index (Richard Stein)

* TONS of information on Japanese sword history and research.

East Coast Martial Art Supplies, Inc. (Bob Elder)

* Authentic and Iaido swords, martial arts supplies, cutting mats, etc.

W. M. Hawley - Private Library - Publisher - Bookseller (Hawley Estate)

* Books, Charts, Monographs, and Videos and Japanese sword art.

Sho-shin (Robert Cole)

* A COMPREHENSIVE site with research and instructional material related to studying the Japanese sword.

Bugei Trading Company, Inc.

* Specialists in custom-made Japanese swords for Martial Artists.

Highlander - Sword Shopper's Guide

* An excellent reference source for Martial Artists interested in Japanese sword arts.

Dragon Times ONLINE

* Dedicated to the preservation, promotion and promulgation of the martial culture of Japan, China, and the Okinawan Archipelago.

International Shinkendo Federation

* A comprehensive source of information on Shinkendo philosophy and training.

Aikido - Loveland/Ft. Collins, Inc.

* Dedicated to Aikido - history, photos, training, FAQ's.

Sword Forum Magazine Online

* Has an excellent discussion forum for people interested in swordmaking techniques.

Asahi Japan Collectibles

* Has sword maintenance supplies and Japanese art items.

Token Book Museum on the Web

* Specializing in Books for Japanese Swords - Sword Montings, Sword Fittings, & Others

Scotland's Swords

* John Ramsay is a 55 year old Blacksmith, who was born and raised in Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile. John served his apprenticeship at Smith-Fletcher a Blacksmiths also on the Royal Mile.
There he was taught by a 74 year old Blacksmith where surrounded by the romanticism of historic Edinburgh he learned the art of making new things look old. The swords that John now makes are antiqued in a similar fashion, and although new, they would not look out of place on the walls of the Castle at the top of the Royal Mile or the walls of the Palace at the foot of the Mile.

Nihonto Antiques (Moses Baccera)

* Original Japanese swords and fittings for sale, restorations services, and lots of information.

Brothersmith Swords

Medieval Swords, Bowie Knives, Fencing Foils and
Historical replica Guns and Armor from manufactures worldwide.

The Japanese Martial Arts Society

An international association of students united by a common purpose: bettering themselves through disciplined training in the classical martial arts of Japan.

Japanese Sword Kanetoyo Art Museum

Japanese Sword research, history, and swords for sale

Tokyo Hotel & Travel Guide

Comprehensive travel guide to Tokyo Japan including all the main districts in Tokyo city and surrounding suburbs of Tokyo. Plus Tokyo maps, Tokyo itinerary, Tokyo pictures and Tokyo Hotels

Sword Restoration Service by Tom Nardi

Original and Reproduction Sword Parts for non-Japanese swords:   Grips, Pommels, Guards & Scabbards for American Civil War era swords. 

Ni Tien Martial Arts

Filipino and Chinese Martial Arts System

Museum Replicas - Swords, Axes & Knives

Swords, axes knives and different medieval shields of the medieval time with roman armor, Viking weapons and medieval clothing. Login to museum replica to know more.

Shinkendo in the Netherlands

Norwegian language website - Hier vindt u meer informatie over de Japanse zwaardvechtkunst Shinkendo

Martial Arts Talk

Martial Arts photos, forums, news, FAQ's.


A Business Directory

Tokyo Office Space Finder

An easy to use service for finding professional, affordable office space throughout Tokyo.

Call for details:    503-282-4567


-or- write to:

FRED LOHMAN - 3405 N.E. Broadway -

Portland, OR  97232-1818   U.S.A.