Kozuka - Kodzuka - Ko-gatana


The above blades display the hand forging (hammering) and filing that is necessary to produce the finished product as shown below.



The BLADE  (Ko-gatana). It took many years of searching before I was able to find a blacksmith that was capable of and willing to forge the blades to my specs, and at a price that was reasonable enough that they could be offered for resale.

Each blade is hand forge folded just like Japanese swords are and shaped to the specs of original Ko-gatana blades. All work is done entirely by hand and inspection in the top photo displays the hammer marks along the cutting edge. The final result also includes a faux Hamon (again, see above). Their shapes and proportions plus the rusted tang are some of the features shared with genuine antique blades.  

The blades are excellent copies and are priced most reasonably. Unfortunately, the man who was making them for me recently passed away and when my inventory is sold out, unless I can find another worker willing to pick up the hammer, no more will be available. Original blades in reasonably decent condition start at $200 or more and as a result, I don't expect our remaining inventory of the blades to last much longer and at a certain point, I will raise the price.

The HANDLE  (Kozuka)...Anyone looking for a genuine handle will soon discover that well made handles in excellent condition are expensive and depending on the makers name, can equal the value of a genuine Katana. Most antique handles were made of Copper, Shakado, Silver or Iron and were decorated with a combination of these metals and like sword blades, they were proudly signed by the master. Handles that have been in long time 'collections' stand the best chance of retaining their original beauty as most will have suffered damage from careless handling. 

As with all Japanese artwork, quality workmanship and condition determines the price.

Kodzuka (Kogatana) blade prices

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