Custom Habaki


Our Habaki # 1 is hand made in the traditionally manner by folding and soldering the bottom and fitting it to the blade. It is made of solid Sterling silver and priced at only $450.

The above is the most traditional common design (available with or without the 'cat scratches).

Habaki Prices 

 A Habaki is the cornerstone that all other parts rest upon in their combined effort to make a sword whole and fully functional.

Habaki have traditionally been made by craftsman who bent a flat piece of copper around the blade and soldered where the two ends meet at the cutting edge area.

NOTE:  Prior to mailing your sword for a upgrade or parts replacement, please inspect the Habaki for damage and consider the possibility of is needing to be replaced.  When preparing your sword for shipment, please do not use 'peanuts'.  We recommend the use of a sturdy carton and packing it tightly with plastic 'bubble wrap' to deny it from moving about in the carton (Cartons are available at the UPS store and we recommend the 6 x 6 inch carton). Light weight cardboard tubes are too fragile and easily collapse, putting your sword at risk.  When sending your sword for repairs, please retain your sword bag and Sageo.

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